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Volunteer With Us!

Want to know why you should volunteer with us? Here's what Josh, a film student who volunteered with Green Room this summer, had to say:

"I started volunteering at Spiral in-between my second and third year of studying filmmaking at uni. I thought it was an incredibly rewarding breath of fresh air.

I have never worked with disabled people before but very quickly adapted to the fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere of Spiral. Because of my background in filmmaking, I spent most of my time in the green room helping clients make films. It was an eye opening experience seeing what creative ideas clients could come up and making films with them was a vastly more rewarding and wholesome experience than making student films at university.

I was inspired by my experiences at spiral so much so, I am now considering working with people with disabilities after university in a similar environment."

We're looking for volunteers to help with arts & crafts, media activities including radio and filming, and holidays. Want to find out more? Send us an email at

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